Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Yesterday, we finally signed our last Escrow papers after being delayed for many reasons, including a rain of frogs and a truly impressive display of apathy on the part of our loan officer.

Everything went OK, despite the fact that the Escrow place that the house-sellers chose was just astonishingly grubby. When the Escrow person motions you to sit down in a chair that is so deeply stained that you almost wonder if the stain pattern is actually supposed to be there, it may be cause for alarm.

I signed many, many things that day, my friends. I signed the termite report. I signed the "we now have legal title to your gonads" document. I signed all the papers that leave you wondering "Why the hell would any sane institution give me this much money?".

The capper, I felt, was something called "The PUD Covenant". I have no idea what it was, but I signed it.

I asked the Escrow person about my PUD Covenant, but she just giggled.


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