Friday, July 13, 2018


In what seemed like a charming and really good idea at the time, some months ago I bought tickets for myself, my wife, and nine year-old daughter to see KIDZ BOP in concert. And what then seemed like a far off event is now tomorrow.

This is not my daughter's first concert, though. A couple of years ago she was visiting a family member with my wife and there just happened to be a Brian Setzer show that somone had tickets for, so they all went.

I imagine when people are having that conversation about their first show, she might omit the Brian Setzer show, either through shame or to avoid blank looks. Unless Brian Setzer has a big comeback in 2027, which seems unlikely. Unless it's Robo-Setzer or something, becuase they have discovered how to keep pop-rockabilly 80s guys perpetually alive in a kind of stasis where they pray for the release of death but cannot ever die, and just keep touring and putting on shows down at The Boardwalk for new generations of fans. Kind of like The Hall of Presidents at Disneyland, but with real Stray Cats and Roman Holidays and Polecats.

KIDZ BOP is, of course, kicky family-friendly versions of hit songs, sanitized for your child's tender ears, performed by tweens. And, of course, if you had told me when I was 20 that I would voluntarily play that in my home, I would have been less than receptive. But here we are. Or rather there we are, or will be. Watching day-glo-covered children sing Shake It Off.


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