Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Go read Mimi Smartypants today:

This guy had a boulder (see, the boulders have it in for us I'M TELLING YOU) fall on his leg, and after being unable to free himself he ended up cutting his leg off below the knee with a pocketknife and then somehow driving to the next town for help. Important difference, though: whereas Arm-Severing Guy was trapped for six days, this guy apparently waited only ONE DAY. Okay. He said that there was a snowstorm coming, and that his leg really hurt, and so on, but still: don't you wait a little longer than one day?

Why? Because it's super duper funny today. Only I see that the entry I linked was actually posted on the 9th. So I can't vouch for Mimi Smartypants' particular level of hilarity today. You'll just have to take it as a given.


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