Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The "I shot my baby" suggestions are rolling in:

Standing in line at the squat rack, I shot my baby
Under the spreading chestnut tree, I shot my baby, my baby shot me
While cheering on the nitro-burning funny cars, I shot my baby
Eating chinese food with a robot in the attic, I shot my baby
In the Big & Tall store at the mall, I shot my baby.
Deep in David Brinkley's sock drawer, I shot my baby.
Over on the 12th fairway, y'know, the one where if you layup short and get stuck in the trap you'll be lucky to get on the green in four, I shot my baby.
In the engine room of the Starship Enterprise, I shot my baby.
While shopping for vertical blinds at Sears, I shot my baby.

Variously from Adam of Tailorstoday, Jpoulos, and my pal Chimichanga. Let's keep 'em coming.

Also abetted by Steve White of Plurp!


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