Thursday, March 28, 2002

We watched Svankmajer's Faust last night. If you haven't seen it, you really should. I know that sounds a little high and mighty coming from me, a person who waited eight full years to see it himself, but there you go. Until you see it, I'm just going to go ahead acting like I'm better than you are. If you're OK with that, then fine.

More Faust stuff:

Faust Legends
(including the nursery rhyme:
Dr. Faustus was a good man,
He whipped his scholars now and then,
When he whipped them he made them dance,
Out of Scotland into France,
Out of France into Spain,
And then he whipped them back again!)

The Complete Text of Faust I
Mmm. Bartleby.

Pictures Of The Band Faust
One of whom looks a little too much like Terry Bradshaw for my tastes

Murnau's Faust
Which I have also seen and is another reason that I can act like I am better than you. Better get down to the video store, ASAP, dontcha think?

Faust Etching
Wanna come up to my room and see my Faust Etching?

The Devil and Daniel Mouse
A Faust Legend, Pact-with-the-Devil cartoon I remember from years ago. Based on the story The Devil and Daniel Webster, one of the top films of 1941, apparently. Later, uber proto-deathrock band Bauhaus sampled the little mouse voices for the song Party of the First Part. I was about ready to write a whole thing here about Robert Johnson and Crossroads and Ralph Macchio and Mr. Miyage, but maybe it's best for all of us not to take that particular road.

Starcraft Zerg Hydralisk that is part of the somewhat inexplicable Doctor Faustus' Miniature Painting Clinic.
Actually, that doesn't have all that much to do with Faust, but it does have the imaginary word "Zerg", which I like.

Doctor Faustus Game
This is really starting to deteriorate now.


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