Thursday, March 07, 2002

I just wanted to let you know that only a few moments ago, I experienced Egg Salad Nostalgia. It crept up on me and took me unawares, as Egg Salad Nostalgia often will. How it happened was that I went to get a Togo's Turkey Ham and Cheese sammich for lunch, and brought it back to my cubical of eternal sorrow for a solitary eat. As I munched away happily, all of a sudden, even though I was eating Turkey Ham and Cheese, I tasted Egg Salad.

I was fantasizing in some way about the last Egg Salad sammich I had eaten, and this Egg Salad Nostalgia was so powerful that the phantom taste actually superceded the taste of the sammich I was eating at that very moment.

Forget cloning, the next Great Leap Forward is Egg Salad Nostalgia! If you could harness that sort of psychic power, you'd have lightning in a bottle!


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