Monday, March 11, 2002

Let's all spend a few moments in remembrance of Parappa-The-Rapper, shall we? I don't know if it's even OK to be nostalgic about something that isn't all that old and may possibly even still be around. I'll get nostalgic about Battle Of The Planets or something if that would make you feel better.

It's all a lie, actually. I never played more than about 5 minutes of PaRappa The Rapper. I did try UmJammer Lammy for a while (which was the sequel and involved playing a guitar instead of rapping about toilets, etc.) but I was thrown into a series of spiraling freakouts by the 2 dimensional singing onion-head kung-fu master in one of the very first levels, and had to be talked down before I could even think about eating salad again. To this day, scallions produce uncontrollable whimpering.


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