Friday, August 17, 2001

Today is going to be incredibly boring: That's right, friends and neighbors. It's time to take a look in the pile of CDs I brought to work today:

Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos – Live @ the Palace Los Angeles 6-20-98 (Bootleg-o-licious)
Modest Mouse – This Is a Long Drive For Someone with Nothing to Think About (still getting used to this one. I like The Moon & Antarctica, but sometimes the songwriting is pretty poor. Also they border a little on annoying sometimes. And they once gave me a headache which is not usually a god sign)
Cowboy Junkies – Lay It Down (ahhh. I'll make the chamomile tea)
Sparklehorse – It's a Wonderful Life ( edition cardboard sleeve thingy. One less track than the American release. Very nice Tom Waits guest spot on Dog Door. The PJ Harvey vocals work surprisingly well. On the cover is a sticker that says "Featuring guest appearances from PJ Harvey, Nina Persson and Dave Fridmann". Ol' Tom didn't even get a mention. Too bad.)
Juno & The Dismemberment Plan – 4-song EP thingy. (I think I like it. "Crush" is a good song. "The Dismemberment Plan Get Rich" not so much.)
Calexico – The Black Light (first Calexico album I bought. This one and Hot Rail get a lot of air time. For added fun drive your white ass through Santa Ana blasting Calexico.)
Nick Drake – Way to Blue · An Introduction to Nick Drake (kind of like the Nick Drake starter kit. Hits all the biggies. Northern Sky, Pink Moon, etc.)
Death Cab For Cutie – We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes (Synapse to Synapse.....great hypnotic stuff. And it has a song called 405 which I drive to work every morning.)
Mojave 3 – Out Of Tune (How did I take so long to get into these guys? Used to be Slowdive, now have a little more twang and still are just...well..damn good)
Stereolab – Emperor Tomato Ketchup
(Yes, everyone owns this album. Well everyone should anyway.)
Tom Waits – Bone Machine (Enough said)
Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk (And I don't even own a cardigan)
The Rolling Stones – Singles Collection · The London Years (Not one bad song on 3 discs...though The Lantern is pretty close. Pretty strong evidence why the Stones were one of the top 5 bands pretty much ever. I'd way rather hear them than the Beatles any day of the week. )

Hey I can't be interesting EVERY day! Who can take that kind of pressure?! Next time I promise to try harder.


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