Wednesday, August 08, 2001

OK. So when I mentioned the word "daily" when I first started this blog thingy, I basically meant "whenever the hell I feel like it."

Just wanted to make sure that we were all clear on that.

Here's a question for you: what do jawless fish-suckers and New Hampshire Lake District realtors have in common? Of course the answer is: they're both Lampreys. That's right. There's a couple of elderly lampreys in New Hampshire and they're just waiting to lure you into their evil clutches, so they can attach themselves to you and drain you of your precious fluids. Or something. Take particular note of the cavalcade of weirdness on the left. The spinning sun with its tongue sticking out is an indicator that these lampreys are up to no good. And why is "meet our staff" represented by a little puppy dog coming out of a shirt pocket? Come to think of it, why does that gif even exist? Best not to think about it. Of course the wacky animated boat that is the centerpiece, the conversation pit, if you will, of the whole site is just a masterpiece. To me it says "Come live in a Popeye cartoon with old lampreys". Maybe that's just me.

Check out Rick Hagan's home page to delve a little deeper into the Lamprey & Lamprey phenomenon. Apparently it has something to do with big cowboy hats. You will not regret it.


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