Thursday, August 09, 2001

I'm sure a million people have linked to Ron Lee's World Of Clowns, but I just had to call attention to Shriner Clown Genie. There! I feel better now. And by the way, here's a little something I learned from a Stephen King movie: I f any of Ron Lee's demented clown figurines show up in your room late at night, climb on their tiny yet strangely oversized clown shoes up onto your bed, and attempt to steal your breath while you are sleeping, always (and I cannot emphasize this enough) always have a fan handy.

Tired of doing things that sane people would do? Why not visit Ocean Spray's Cranberry World? Here's some comments from the public, attesting to the Cran-mania that's sweeping the country:

Great place to visit. We go there whenever we are in Vegas. We never knew they made so many products from cranberries. Simple, and to the point. When you go to Cranberry West, be prepared to be AWED by the grandeur that is the cranberry. I'm hoping they have pants made out of cranberries.


DO NOT GO HERE!!!! I think this was actually an abortive attempt at posting to the guestbook, as the post underneath begins in the same enigmatic way. What is this guy saying, really? Should I go to Cranberry World or not? I just don't get it.

and my own personal comment:

HEY! Ocean Spray! Can we stop mixing cranberries with everything already?!

Ocean Spray Mission Statement: One day, God willing, the entire world will suffer from simultaneous bladder infections! And then Ocean Spray will rule the earth, much like a large cranberry would if you crossbred it with an ankylosaurus.


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