Wednesday, August 21, 2002

So what the hell else is going on? I hear you cry.

Well we rewatched The Singing Detective in the last couple of days. It's so good. You've got psoriasis, hallucinations, animated scarecrows, dead people being fished out of the Thames and lip-synching too. You should get it right now. It is, by the way, a six-episode British miniseries starring Michael Gambon (of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover fame). I would say the best miniseries ever made are The Singing Detective and Brideshead Revisited. That is, of course, just me.

What's this?? NO! They are remaking The Singing Detective in Hollywood! With Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Junior!

Why do they have to do stuff like that? Why did they have to remake Wings of Desire into a crappy Nicholas Cage movie? Why did they have to utterly destroy The Vanishing and La Femme Nikita?

God forbid the American public should watch the smart version. The original version. No, they have to take great films and make them accessible to the Lowest Common Denominator of society.



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