Sunday, August 11, 2002

I had a fantastic idea while cleaning out the lurking terrors in my refrigerator today:

Sake 'n' Mayonnaise Sports Drink!

It's a sports drink whose time has come!

You see, every time I go to play tennis (if I manage to play long enough to not receive a serious head injury, which is honestly pretty rare), I have to go through the tedious and unsightly task of carrying a jar of mayonnaise and a bottle of nice hot sake down to the court with me.

The beauty of Sake 'n' Mayonnaise Sports Drink is that the sake and mayonnaise have already been combined in one slammin' plastic thermos thing, that is somewhat dishwasher and microwave-safe.

The marketing is a cinch: I have the magical elves at Kafkaesque Labs out hunting down everyone's favorite minor celebrity Mako to be a spokesperson, even if it's technically against his will. Also, a seance is underway to gain the aid of dead ghost story author Saki.

Soon all the sports world will be merrily quaffing Mako 'n' Saki's Sake 'n' Mayo Sports Drink!

Special Double Secret Bonus Link: Pictures of someone's hamster in Japan


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