Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Can we stop it with the talking babies?

Talking babies aren't funny. They aren't cute. They're even less cute if they're wearing those "Risky Business" sunglasses. Or singing. Or wearing a bowler hat. That really sucks too. Well, maybe the hat is OK. But not if they're talking too. No deal.

I know it's the easy way out, ad guy. You've got a deadline and you just panic. You're going to get fired and you just just blurt out "Talking Baby!!" And the deal is done. You've damned us to another spot with the talking baby.

Nothing is worse than the talking baby. Except two talking babies. You know, one of them's a boy and one's a girl? And they're flirting with each other? All wrong.

It's just freaky. So stop it.

And another thing here, while I'm on a roll. The feathered-hair girl lip-synching the words to a Foghat song on, like, every single damn Classic Rock Radio Station commerical ever in the history of recorded time? Enough!

The seed has been planted. "Live Like a Refugee" is inexorably bonded with the air guitar and lip synching thing. Come up with something else, for god's sake!


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