Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Cardhouse's Cross Country Burn

A couple of years old, but still just a nice little "driving across the country" travelog*. It makes me want to go drive across the country right now. I get that feeling every summer.

I have an image of myself cruising around in a really boring state like North Dakota, collecting amusing anecdotes that I can bore people with in my golden years. This is probably related to my frequent rereading of Bill Bryson's Lost Continent, which is an excellent and very funny travel book. I admonish you never to get a Bill Bryson book on tape, though, because his voice makes you want to

a. fall asleep at the wheel


2. pummel him.

I want to be out there, driving into the sunset on a warm summer night, taking pictures of disproportionately large things. It's all I can do sometimes, on my way home from work, not to just turn the car in the other direction and spend a couple of days on the road (first stopping to pick up the wife, of course).

I don't care that there's nothing out there. That's the point.

* It should be noted that this travelog includes The Burning Man Festival, which I have not attended, and which I am, frankly, a little sick of hearing about. Particularly when people just won't shut up about it. Hey, I calls 'em as I sees 'em.


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