Monday, February 04, 2002

Random Beat Poetry Generator

The Beat Poetry Game

A word on the Beats: I was big into Kerouac for a while, during high school and college. Recently I tried to read one of my favorites of his, Desolation Angels, with no success at all. Ten years ago, I wanted to be that Fire Lookout. I wanted to stand on my head for an hour a day and go slowly crazy from loneliness and hold conversations with mice. Now I just get bored with the book. What does that mean? I don't know. Maybe you can't recapture the something that made a book one of your favorites. Am I now too old for Kerouac? I'm just going to go have a cry now, if my decrepit bones will support me that is.

A word to people who persist in writing Beat Poetry: How annoying is the whole stream of consciousness thing? Plenty annoying. Hell, the stream of my own consciousness is uninteresting enough, like I need a glimpse into yours?

Hmm, doubled up on my cranky pills today I guess.

Zen Generator

From the Personal Poetry Generator:

fly away, El Diablo Jazz

violin ignites sun
simply because
blue food torments the toll of the bells

Oyster Billy obsesses about the meaning of life
Kafkaesque lingers with the open road

blue food readies the light
seahorses mourn over death


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