Friday, February 22, 2002

The head teacher of the Valley of Enchantment school in Crestline, California describes it as "wacko".

I know, I know. Ananova is not the most trustworthy news source in the world. But this is not your garden variety squirrel we're talking about here. This squirrel was "wacko". As of press time, the status of the squirrel was rumored to have progressed to "bananas" or possibly "ga-ga". It is hoped the squirrel will be calm down to mere "off-kilter" status.

"Wacko" isn't a word you hear that much anymore. Just saying. But when you have a rodent-child chase situation, it's the only word that will do.

In other semi-ridiculous news, Monkeyman Is Back! I think it's interesting that the residents of the self-proclaimed "slum" found it highly unlikely that the pesky monkeyman was a vagrant or drug addict, and much more likely that he was a mystical monkeybeast. Well, it's certainly the more fun option.

Crazy Fortean Times Update:

Dog Telepathy: Rex got to have his way with two slices of meatloaf slathered in barbecue sauce for his efforts.


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