Thursday, February 28, 2002

The Dirty Office Chair

They are trying to sell off an old office chair at my work. They have positioned it in the cafeteria area with a little sign that says "OFFICE CHAIR $5". There is a little problem with this office chair, though: It is filthy. And I mean filthy. I looks like it has been sweated in a lot. And it looks old. Like someone has been pouring their dirt and sweat into this poor chair for the last ten years or so. It looks like if you sat down on it, dirt and sweat would actually ooze from it, dirtying your shoes.

I have seriously seen cleaner chairs sitting in dumpsters for free. I think maybe the powers that be at my workplace are working on the assumption that someone will assume it must have an inherent worth if it has a $5 price tag on it.

Maybe they should put a couple more next to it and turn it into an installation: Filthy Chairs.

I don't know much about art, but I know a filthy office chair when I see it.


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