Thursday, January 31, 2002

So one of my minions at work was telling me this morning how the CEO was hovering over his shoulder while he was working. The minion was trying to print some stuff for CEO's big board meeting today. Join me as I reenact this magic moment in Blank Stare Theatre:

Minion: "He was hovering over my shoulder the whole time."
Kafkaesque: "You know who Carlos Castaneda is?"
Minion: blank stare
Kafkaesque; "He wrote these books about Don Juan and the Yaqui Indians?"
Minion: blank stare
Kafkaesque: "They thought that death was constantly hovering at your left shoulder, just waiting for you to see him."
Minion: blank stare
Kafkaesque: "So, you see, He's kind of like death, hovering at your left shoulder."
Minion: blank stare
Kafkaesque: "Ha ha ha! Get it?"
Minion (edging away): "Oh...uh. Yeah. Ha ha. Yaqui Indians. Right."
Kafkaesque: "Oh, the times we have."

This kind of thing happens to me a lot. I can't decide which Baldwin should play Minion in the movie version. My role will, of course, be played by Jet Li, master funnyman.


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