Tuesday, January 08, 2002

A new feature has been added to the random detritus on the left over there: In The Elevator

Why? I live on the fourth floor and therefore ride an elevator to and from my apartment hive home every day. In the elevator, I am often surprised by some little thing that just seems out of place in an elevator. Today for instance, there was a small "baby" carrot, sitting innocuously in the corner. As an elevator companion, I had no qualms about it. I didn't get flustered or wonder if maybe I should be making conversation with it. To begin with, it was way down there on the floor and I get a little woozy if I bend down while the elevator is in motion, so that was out of the question. I try to be well behaved in the elevator, since the time I encouraged my wife and a friend to join me in jumping up and down in an elevator in San Francisco and we ended up stuck in what was a very small elevator for forty-five minutes.

(The first words out of the hotel manager's mouth: "Were you jumping in there?"...our meek and probably unconvincing answer: "no!")

No. It was just a little carrot there in the elevator with me, so I thought I would keep a little record of the odd things that make my daily vertical journey with me. Now that I have said that, there will probably never be anything else remotely obscure in there. Mark my words.


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