Thursday, January 03, 2002

Hi everyone! I just got back from two hours of super-fun!

That's right, I got my lower two wisdom teeth extracted, and boy was it fun!

The dentist had to give me about four rounds of shots, for some reason, which made it even better. So I'm a little loopy right now. The lower half of my head feels like a tetherball that has been played with by wolverines for a couple of hours. I am now eyeing bags of frozen corn and peas, wondering which frozen veggie will bring down the swelling more effectively.

Just a couple of comments before I retire to watch movies for the next 37 hours: When the dentist is levering your tooth out, he is levering it against your cheek, a part of your fragile form which has not been anaesthetized. I had a momentary thought: "Will my cheek in fact withstand the pulling, or will it give way, leaving me wisdom-toothless but with a flapping, torn cheek that will frighten children and result in my forever being known as 'Flappy Cheek'?"

I also thought this: "Are you pulling out my tooth, or bits of my skull? Because it kind of feels like the skull, doc."

Ahh, sweet codeine, take me away!


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