Thursday, January 24, 2002

"Cream Puff Caspar Milquetoast"

You know, from The Piano Has Been Drinking by Tom Waits. Maybe you don't know. You should know. Inevitably, the moment will come in your life where you will be quizzed about this song. Maybe someone will make a comment about Foster Brooks or Dudley Moore or some other drunk-guy-shtick person, and then The Piano Has Been Drinking will come up. It's not something you can avoid, so get used to the idea. And be prepared. Impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of Tom Waits minutiae.

Anyway, Here's the lowdown on Milquetoast, via pracowity, who certainly seems to be all up in arms about this language thing. I bet I made him mad just by saying "up in arms". Somewhere, a dart is being thrown at my picture this very moment.


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