Monday, January 28, 2002

Report a Celebrity Brush with Jurgen Prochnow:

"Jurgen was sitting 4 seats down the row I was in, and yes I did sneak peeks at him occasionally, and no, unfortunately, I don't know what he smelled like. I was recovering from a cold I couldn't smell a thing. But he did look like he came to the premiere fresh from the shower ;) "

I feel confident that within the decade, there will be at least ten Jurgen Prochnow Celebrity Brushes. We just have to want it, people.

Also: Find out just how many times Jurgen will be on TV this month.

The Jesus Filmography, which is kind of Jurgen related since he's on the list for having been kinda Jesusy in The Seventh Sign.

Even more tangential: This incredibly annoying page that's kind of about Dune but which somehow finds an excuse to talk about Kung Fu a little bit. Nice to see Kwai Chang getting a mention there. Waaaay down at the bottom there's mention of Jurgen getting burning glass dropped on his noggin.


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