Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Lords of Light!

For perfectly valid reasons, I just ran an errand to buy tennis balls, and I'm here to tell you that it's unpleasant outside.

It is 8,000°F outside (or, for our metric friends: Real Hot). Eight thousand degrees is too hot for November!

And windy. It's windy. That's the thing (well, one of the things) about living in Orange County that sucks. You get these Santa Ana winds that blow in from Mercury. Hot wind! Along with being one of my least favorite gastrointestinal complaints, hot wind makes you feel like a turkey in one of those convection-cooker Ronco things.

The metal buttons on the ATM? Also, 8,000°. You could see marks where people had left layers of skin on the buttons. Groups of victims with bandaged fingers were gathered around the ATMs, just waiting to see the next poor sap get his burned, so they could howl in anguish-tinged glee.

So I'm saying it's hot.

(Today's entry was brought to you by the number 8000)


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