Tuesday, November 12, 2002

And lo, thirty-one years ago today, there was a great rending of garments and gnashing of various things that are generally gnashable. Also, there was some wailing.

The sky burst open and the thunder roared. This effect, however, was achieved by a guy offstage with some aluminum foil and ball bearings in a bowl.

A headless goat was born to a headless goat mother. Certain other, smaller mammals were born variously with a somewhat larger than average number of heads and no heads. Some trading of heads was allowed, until the head to mammal ratio was acceptable to all concerned. Obviously, not all of the mammals were quick enough on the trade and ended up looking a little silly, but they all agreed that it was better than the alternative.

So there was a lot of confusion.

And me, also. I was born then too. Thirty-one. Makes you think.


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