Sunday, July 28, 2002

So the birthday weekend for My Life as an American Gladiator is over.

The blog went out on Friday night and came back Sunday morning after a bender of epic proportions, incoherent but perhaps a little wiser.

So what to do? Maybe answer the question I'm always getting asked: what are your favorite blog entries? Technically, no-one has asked me that, but this morning, I could have sworn I heard my toast say something to me, and hell, it could have been that, so here goes:

Drain-Clog Das Boot

Great Idea: The Self-Mashing Potato

Great Idea: Wild Animals Chasing You

Dead Bee Nosferatus

George Foreman: Friend or Foe?

Kafkaesque v. The Foaming Brush

The Pirate Moment

The Sentinel and 70s Horror

The Big Clamato Payoff

Bitterness About Bad Movies

The Insert Key

Valets: Pure Evil

Why American Gladiator?

Bees In My Apartment

OK, OK, it's all over. You can wake up now. That really seemed like a good idea when I started it, but started to make me feel vaguely uncomfortable and vain about halfway through.

As my wife put it just now, when I expressed that sentiment to her: "Not uncomfortable enough that you're not doing it."

There you have it.


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