Monday, July 08, 2002

It's The Tournament Of Stuff!

I am excited to see whether Frisbees or Toast will prevail in the TOS#7. My money has to be on Toast, though. If you're talking about just some stuff, and toast is one of the components of the stuff, then it would be hard to beat.

Fun Dip, it must be said, is some very good stuff too.

Anyway, go press some things over at the Tournament of Stuff site like I did, and eventually you'll realize you can't vote yet for Frisbees or Toast, much as you may want to. I am confident one day soon I will be able to cast my vote for toast.

There seems to be a way to predict the winners too, which might be kind of fun, but seems like a lot of effort. Why must you demand so much of me, Tournament Of Stuff? Is this link not enough?!


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