Friday, July 26, 2002

I added a feature down there under the links. It's the "Random Recent Blog", a new doodlebob thought up by the beautiful crazy bastards at Blogger. You click it, and it takes you to a random, recently updated blog.

Might be good. Might suck. I cannot be held responsible for the resulting destination. Pictures of cats and/or turtles may ensue. You might even get a picture of a cat riding on a turtle. That would be great. I'm not sure they could keep their balance, though, what with the shell and all. If the turtle was on its back, and had wheels attached, it would be alright. But the claws into the soft turtleflesh would be a problem. Unless it was Gamera. Then you could put, like, 8,000 cats on him.

This project will need greater study.


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