Tuesday, October 30, 2001

The Potato Then & Now. I originally thought this was some sort of exploration of the thematic groundwork laid in the light classic Emilio Estevez film, That Was Then... This Is Now. But no, it's actually all about potatoes. Which is, of course, just fine.

Here, also for your potential enjoyment: The National Potato Council.

And, everyone's favorite edible mascot: Spuddy Buddy.

Mummified Mashed Potatoes, Spooky Spuds and Mashed Potato Ghosts. The Mashed Potato Ghosts are a little weak. I mean, you can pretty much build anything you want out of mashed potatoes, right? Maybe not multi-story buildings, but you could probably fashion a little yurt type thing that would not only provide shelter but nutrition through the cold winter months.

I do kind of like the idea that these little apparitions are the ACTUAL ghosts of the potatoes, being freed from their eternal spud bondage with a little creative mashing (or, if the reserach elves at Kafkaesque Labs ever get on the ball, Self-Mashing).


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