Thursday, October 11, 2001

Is there any sadder sight than a fifty year old man eating a Filet-O-Fish and reading Marmaduke? The Filet-O-Fish, in its also-ran status as the apologist for the beef crimes of McDonald's is just inherently heartbreaking. It's the ultimate menu afterthought. In a sense I think the people who eat Filet-O-Fishes have an image of themselves as wild-eyed loners, breaking the Big Mac mold. But what they're really saying is "I long since ceased caring about my health in even the most general sort of way, but am fooling myself into believing McDonald's food is healthier if it tastes vaguely like a fish."

And then maybe they think "Hoo! That rascal Marmaduke's on the couch again!"

Just the kind of things that occur to me on my little lunch break sometimes.

Not that I'm saying the rest of McDonald's food isn't disgusting. It is. The only reason I think anyone should buy McDonald's hamburgers is to stick the patties on strangers as you drive by them in your car.


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