Monday, October 08, 2001

I'm sorry to disappoint all you car companies that are sending me cunningly disguised junk mail to get me to buy your vehicles*, but I have found my next car. Its name is Transaurus. And it's really, really stupid.

Galactron. Also pretty stupid.

I kind of get the feeling you spend a couple of years building one of these things and then you sit back in your Barcalounger, put your feet up, and then you shake your head and say out loud "Oh my good lord! I just spent two years building a car that looks like Pete's Dragon! What the hell is wrong with me!?"

Go ahead and revel in the monster truckness of it all.

*By the way, good work on that last one that almost looked like actual mail. You know, the one with the eagle on it that kind of looks like a Priority Mail envelope? I almost opened that one. Here's a hint though: The more "INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! OPEN IMMEDIATELY!" labels you put on the envelope, the less likely I am to open it.


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