Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I almost forgot: today is Free Ice Cream Day at Baskin Robbins from 6–10pm.

Also, I forgot that Rumsfeld's mouth was hanging open while he was driving too. Not just once. Each time we saw him, his mouth was hanging open. And not like like he was in the middle of a howl or was indulging in a little Tuvan Throat Singing or anything like that. This was like he had just forgotten he had left his mouth open. Maybe later, when he got back to his lair, he would walk by a mirror (though I imagine Rumsfeld has all his mirrors blacked out, like Nosferatu but nowhere near as interesting) and go "Hey! My mouth's open! I wonder how long that's been like that?"

Maybe that would give him a fun idea like trying to see how many grapes he could fit in his gaping maw of evil with it hanging open that way. Because even Rumsfeld deserves to have a little fun every now and then by stuffing his evil mouth full of grapes.


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