Tuesday, April 23, 2002

There's an underappreciated art form out there in the world. The Science Fiction Paperback cover. Let's have a look, shall we?

The Gods Hate Kansas - Hardly surprising. Gods like to live on Olympus, which is a mountain. They don't have a lot of mountains in Kansas, or so I've heard. The Gods also think the rice side of the Crispix Cereal is crispety-crunchier than the corn side, so this enmity is probably destined to continue forever.

The Green Girl - Probably best not to comment on this one. I believe this may have been the inspiration for some of KMFDM's album covers though.

From Unknown Worlds - Some worlds are best left unseen, especially the ones with a lot of drunken elves and snakes coming out of eye-sockets (nudge, nudge!)

Dr. Futurity - So badass, we had to give him a goofy name just to make up for it.

Hmm. More on this exciting genre later.


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