Saturday, April 27, 2002

Great Flash Games

I am particularly enjoying the pointlessness of Speartoss, in which a gentleman with a horridly distended abdomen repeatedly tosses a spear for distance, solely for your amusement. He thinks of nothing else. His life is a joyless parade of sameness, whether he tosses the spear short or far, fair or foul. Abuse his fate! Set him on the course to tedium, with the throttle on full! Throw that spear!

I also like Speartoss because it reminds me of MicroSoft Decathlon, which I used to play on the ol' Apple ][e lo these many years ago. The most surreal event in that game was the Shotput, in which you had to control the angle and force of the shot putting, and in which the shotputter looked like a demented stick figure with a ridiulously long arm. Sigh. Those were the days. If only I could sit here and wail on the arrow keys of my PC like in those salad days of yore.

Also Makai Racing


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