Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Everyone seems very upset about Robert Urich passing away. I agree, it is sad when anyone dies, particularly of cancer, but there is one positive in this whole thing. One silver lining that Robert Urich's death will bring me: I now have a way of telling the difference between Robert Urich and Gil Gerard. This inability to distinguish between Robert Urich, star of Vegas and Spenser: For Hire; and Gil Gerard, TV's Buck Rogers has brought me nothing but trouble, from bar fights to uncomfortable celebrity book signings.

So, in the interest of not sullying the good name of Robert Urich, let's take a look at his doppelganger: Gil Gerard.

Here is a lovely, if a little obsessive site by a Polish gentleman who ponders idly: I hope that Mr. Gerard will visit Wroclaw someday. :-) My dream....

Another site about Gil Gerard, who is not the same person as Robert Urich.

Gil, lettin' it all hang out, and looking a lot like Robert Urich.

Another important difference between Robert Urich and Gil Gerard: Gil Gerard was never without his trusted sidekick, Twiki, who is available to answer your questions.


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