Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Well, that wasn't technically true.

What really happened is that your old pal Kafkaesque turned 30. A (my wonderful wife) took me to Point Arena, where we stayed at a rad (as the kids say) Bed and Breakfast called the Historic Coast Guard Inn, and did some wine tasting in the Anderson Valley.

So there really wasn't a whole lot of rasslin' going on. Unless you count the luxurious bathtub in our room where I rassled a loofah for a while until A explained to me that a loofah is not technically alive, and therefore not a legitimate rasslin' foe. For an inanimate object, though, that was one tough loofah. Maybe I'll reconsider this whole rasslin' thing.

And A also planned a surprise party for me, which I have never had before. All my buddies showed, except of course for Bungee Benji, who's on a deep cover assignment in Costa Rica, being professionally cool for the government.

Did I mention I have the best wife in the known universe?

Well, I do.


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