Thursday, November 01, 2001

Today, an investigation into a strange behavioral anomaly that has been cropping up across this great nation of ours much like one of those frosted strawberry pop-tarts, especially in that if you stick it in your mouth too soon you burn the crap out of your tongue. Sound familiar? That's right, I'm talking about Cat-Dancing.

Just look at the delight:

Monica & Buster

I can't even begin to guess what's going on here.

Someone is just off camera throwing this cat.

And again, the weirdness.

And not to be excluded from the current cat artistic renaissance: Cats That Paint.

Feather Fondue.

Feather Frontier.

A little something I like to call: Cat In Bathtub Making Huge Mess.

All this is taken from the awesomely peculiar: Museum of Non-Primate Art

Umm, bird crap art?

Mallard poo as art.

Maybe this is a joke. Can this be a joke? Who among us would not leap at the opportunity to pay over $100,000 to go on this expedition, where "Generally, he will become more fully conversant with all aspects of Tibetan cat charming." Tibetan Cat Charming. Hmm. This had better be a hoax or you know that Rage Against The Machine guy will be all hot and bothered either protesting or supporting it. I'd say he'll probably come out in favor of Tibetan Cat Charming if he gets to wear one of those wooly Tibetan hats. Tough angry singer types love those things.

It has to be a joke. They misspelled "Scholarship" for one, and their research includes the development of a "Walkcat". Oh and the study of day-glo cat spray.

Please let it be a joke.


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