Tuesday, November 06, 2001

OK. That's it.

**Clam Signal**

I never got any free stuff from the Clamato people, and now all bets are off. Please join me in a complete boycott of any and all Clamato products. I know this will probably entail actually starting to consume any Clamato at all, which may give some of you the willies, but this is important!

Honestly, you could probably get away with just telling everyone how much Clamato you used to drink before some idiot with a weblog forced you to boycott your favorite bivalve beverage. It'd be your word against theirs, after all, and who wouldn't take your side? No jury in the land would convict you! Feel free to give in to the spirit of the occasion by describing huge troughs of Clamato, to which you may have added whole Clamfruit, for added clamness, that you would consume nightly in a vast clam juice orgy of truly biblical proportions.

They'll be sorry. Oh yes.


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