Tuesday, December 17, 2002

My monitor here at work is starting to fade out.

This means roughly every five seconds the display dims ominously and I make a sound like an angry bear cub and whack the side of the monitor. This is kind of pleasing, if it weren't for the frequency. I enjoy hitting monitors. Especially little crappy 17" OptiQuest Retina-Destroyer 5000s like this one.

Sadly, my little squeezy-stress-snowman is paying the price for this monitor abuse. Every time I hit the monitor, he flies off, executing a series of somersaults of varying degrees of difficulty, before winding up, lost and afraid, under the desk.

And every time he falls off, I pick him up, give him a couple of words of encouragement, and place him back upon his perch. He knows, of course, that he will be launched again from his aerie. Perhaps he even anticipates the blow. Does he live in fear, my snowman?

Is this answering the question of why i haven't updated my blog in a while?


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