Friday, December 06, 2002

I've been walking around the office with my shoes untied today.

Now, I see these punk kids with their untied shoes and think they look like monumental goobers, but I have to tell you it's pretty enjoyable. There's the element of danger inherent in the untied shoelace, which we all know could wrap around your other shoe and send you hurtling toward your doom, especially if your office is equipped with a wood chipper. Also, the rest of the office knows you're a risk taker. Like just for a second they think of saying "Why Kafkaesque, your shoes are untied! Surely you will be killed!"

But then they think for a second and sigh "Wow! That Kafkaesque sure is ahead of the curve, what with the shoes-untied thing and all."

Of course, having your shoes untied is merely a precursor to the ultimate work goodness: taking off your shoes under your desk. That's always nice and freeing. Especially if you're talking to someone more important than you and the whole time you're thinking "Man. I'm totally shoeless under the desk here and Mr. Business Boy doesn't have clue one!"

These small acts of civil disobedience are important if one is to successfully stave off despair.

I think next Friday I'm not going to put my arms through the sleeves of my shirt and see how that goes. I cannot be constrained by these societal restrictions!


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