Friday, September 07, 2001

It's Anthony Michael Hall Mania here at My Life As An American Gladiator!

I'm sure all of you have kept your finger on the pulse of Mr. Hall's marginally glorious career. So you will be well aware that this is what he's doing now. And this. Which has produced these lyrics.

Strangely on his whole site, there is not one mention of perhaps his finest hour. That's right, I'm talking about "The Adventures of a Gnome Named Gnorm". I have never been lucky enough to see this fine film, but apparently it involves a gnome witnessing a murder, and then just pretty much wacky hijinx from there on out. It is unclear to me whether Mr. Hall is supposed to be the gnome's partner or is merely acting as gnome liaison while his pal Gnorm turns state's evidence. Unfortunately, it seems the gnome in this film is not a garden gnome, which is bad news for garden gnomes everywhere. Another role that they will never be able to play. Back to holding a fishing pole in the back yard, a less than lucrative career choice.

The other guy in Weird Science, who has apparently given up show business. I imagine every day of this poor guy's life someone makes a Weird Science joke.

Oh the humanity!


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