Monday, October 21, 2002

Another Big Movie Idea

Terry Bradshaw getting hit in the nuts with a bat.

That's it. Two hours of Terry Bradshaw getting hit in the nuts with a bat.

It's beautiful in its simplicity, really. The production costs would be really low, because you could film it all in one continuous take, as the wacky Terry Bradshaw begins to wail and moan, never knowing when the next blow will be delivered. Only knowing that it will be delivered, with crushing finality, to his nuts.

About an hour into the film he'll start to really lose it. Maybe he'll even start laughing as the next impact comes, or singing a song.

It's got suspense, too. Howie Long could come in and see his colleague Terry Bradshaw in such dire straits, and attempt to rescue him.

Howie Long, too, would be hit in the nuts with a bat.

The profit margins would be incredible. Because everyone hates Terry Bradshaw, and everyone likes that America's Funniest Videos show, which is really just an excuse to show a bunch of guys getting hit in the nuts, right?

This movie has it all.


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