Thursday, June 06, 2002

Electricians are good at being really really noisy.

There is a gang of about three of them here, clustered around the fusebox, loudly discussing things in a vaguely convincing way.

At least that's what they're doing when you walk by them. I suspect that, as soon as you pass them by, they look at each other furtively and say "Dude. I have no idea what I'm doing."

"That wire there? What's it for? And that dangly thing? Jeez. Could be anything."

"Hank! Come here and touch this dangly silver thing for us."

"I'm not touching that. What if it's live?"

"Hey -- here comes someone. Anyway, you can see the 8 inch twilliger switch is mainlined and surging the dipthyion."

"Got to be 40,000 Amps of dipthyion there."

"So we'll feed the base amperage through the...the...uhh. Dude, he's gone."

"'Dipthyion?' What the hell is dipthyion?You really pulled that one out of your ass, Dave."

"I know, man. So, El Pollo Loco for lunch?"


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