Saturday, January 17, 2004

Once again, there have been no posts.

It's like some old industrial era Russian film, with two wizened old peasants huddled around a kerosene lantern for warmth. The crone looks up at the old man, the lamp's meager light dancing in her miasmic, cataract-cloudy pupils, and says "When, Aleksei? When will there again be posts?"

Except she says it in the cyrillic alphabet. You know.

And he replies "Olga, my love. There are no more posts. If God is dead, how can posts be?"

The camera pans away, to a black and grey landscape, past trees that will never bear fruit*, past the Mariachi band, and into the distance.


But the truth is I have been busy. Mighty busy. Like twelve hour days at work kind of busy.

Another thing that has kept me busy is that I took a beginning Photoshop class. I have been using Photoshop for years, but never with any sort of rhyme or reason, and I figured it would be worthwhile to start at the beginning and make sure I have the basic knowledge before moving on to the intermediate course. Consequently, I was in a class with some people who were not terribly astute in the computer arena. One particular woman, sitting a few computers away, would screech out at every instruction "What? What?? How do I do that? It's not working! Help!" and that sort of thing.

My favorite thing she blurted out was when she had to configure the program or something and she panicked and shouted "It wants to know what time zone I'm in!" as if her computer had just asked her to recite pi to twenty-seven decimals.

The class went pretty well, and I got to feel really smart as most of my fellow students lobbed rocks at their monitors and claimed that bad juju was emanating from the light-filled devil-boxes.

And the really important thing is that I learned how to use the Clone Stamp tool. So just back off.

* Because they're not fruit trees.


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