Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My friend Timmychanga of the huge and giant-sized pectoral muscles has started a blog! Go read it with all speed and dispatch, and you will learn:

when it comes to possums and squirrels, no man i know spends more time planning and plotting against them* as the one i call dad. my dad has many fruit trees in his backyard. and every year, i'd know exactly when harvest seasons for the different fruits would be, because all my dad talks about is his latest theory on why the squirrels have it in for him. such as mocking him by taking only one rodent-sized bite out of perfectly good apricots and leaving the rest on the ground for him to find. and do you know what he does in retaliation? he captured one in a cage and left him in the yard all day, 'as an example', in case any other 'four-leggers' were still of the mind to commit crimes against his fructose-bearing prizes.


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