Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I know. I haven't been posting anything.

I could say that I was on vacation, which I wasn't. Not really. Unless you count a three-day weekend. And who counts that, really?

I mean, I seldom post anything on the weekends anyway. Is there a reason for this? Is there some magical forcefield shaped like the Treetot Treehouse that prevents me from approaching my computer on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes. Yes there is.

But apart from all that, the fact remains that I have no real excuse for not posting to my blog. I even have little post-it notes piled up at my desk with cryptic communiques reading "WAK UP", "BOB DER BILDER" and "PIRA".

What do these notes mean? It's beyond me.

The fact is that I am entirely to blame. There were even a couple of days during this, our period of silence, the difficult part of our relationship, communication-wise, that I stared at the keyboard, smirked, and went back to playing Soul Calbur II in a purely desultory fashion.

Also, I am solely to blame for California's energy problems. It was just me and a 1982 Sears toaster-oven.



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