Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I just saw the greatest Weekly World News headline of all time:


One can only hope that this won't lead to an outbreak of NASCAR Ghosts troubling the god-fearing populace of our great nation. Not to mention their elderly mothers who, in all likelihood, are not up to the kind of shock they would get should the ectoplasm-drenched spectre of beloved left-turner Dale Earnhardt come materializing in every time they cough.

I think I just like the way they put it: "Dale Earnhardt's Ghost". Like it was the end of a ghost story or something: "And when they finally went to the attic to investigate the noises, it was....DALE EARNHARDT'S GHOST!"


But at least Dale Earnhardt's Ghost has something to keep him occupied, what with looking after the mothers of our military fighting death-machines. So good for dead Dale Earnhardt.


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