Monday, January 06, 2003

We will be looking to buy a house in the coming year.

My wife and I are very into gardening (at least theoretical gardening, where you don't have to lift anything heavier than a coffee table book with pictures of snapdragons on it) and would like to do some landscaping, if we can find a place with a big enough yard.

One stumbling block we may run into is trying to combine a Zen Garden with a Horseshoe Pit. Further research is called for, but it seems like a natural. You've got gravel, you've got horseshoes...a combination made in heaven. And you can really only find serenity for so long each day. Then your Zen Garden is just going to sit there, not doing anything useful. You need to show those hoseshoes the One True Way, preferably while sipping a Lucky Lager.


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