Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Help Me I Am in Hell

We will get through this. There will be punk rock and fantastic art created.

But to paraphrase Barry Crimmins, we get done in sometimes by the secret goodness of the American people, the unwillingness to believe the hideous nature of their candidate. They choose to look away because if the truth about Trump (which is so self-evident) is true, then maybe it's true a little bit about everyone. Maybe we as a nation are morally depraved. All those millions who voted for Trump are absolute suckers and we are all going to suffer for it, because I don't think they believed it could be this bad.

Well, it is going to be bad. And Trump will not be running this country. They might pass him the remote every now and then, but it will be the evil Wormtongues slithering in the background who will be running the show. And the Sarumans who speak through them.

And if you are not a white man, the terror in your heart today must be ten times what it is in mine, a white man in California.

I am so deeply sorry. For all of us.

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